A client recently requested a site be set up on CloudCannon. I hadn’t heard of it, so I gritted my teeth and began to read the documentation. The tension quickly washed away as I realized “this is my kind of product”.

In a nutshell, CloudCannon offers a delightful patina to an otherwise unchanged Jekyll site. You don’t have to code anything “CloudCannon Aware” or any such funny business. You simply set it to watch a branch on a repo and builds fire off and deploy automatically. Continuous Integration that’s triggered automatically by content changes really blurs the line between dynamic and static sites.

Furthermore, they provide a user friendly markdown GUI. Often, I feel like a static site generator is more appropriate than a dynamic CMS, but don’t have the budget to sort out a way to make editing content ergonomic for non-developers. Those would be great times for something like CloudCannon. This post is not affiliated with or sponsored by CloudCannon, I just think it’s pretty cool.