Who would have thought? It figures

While it’s not shocking that someone snatched up the talent of 280 North, who aquired them (more to the point why) brings a smile to my face that can only be conjured up by sweet… sweet irony. Motorola (the hardware company) has aquired a startup “dedicated to advancing the state of the art on the web.”

280 North is probably most notable for creating Cappuccino, “an open source framework that makes it easy to build desktop-caliber applications that run in a web browser.” The framework and team are quite impressive, but why would a phone manufacturer care? According to a Motorola spokesperson states, “We believe 280 North will be instrumental in helping us continue to foster the Android ecosystem with innovative web-based technologies and applications.”

280 North is a team that so whole heartedly loves the way Apple products come together, they reimplemented Cocoa and Objective-C in JavaScript. Motorola has recruited a brilliant, Apple-enthusiast, team for the betterment of Android. I wonder if they’ll be trading in their iPhones for Droids.