Fast track to nowhere.

Always on the look out for ways to improve productivity, I have looked a bit into Ruby on Rails as a development framework. I have watched numerous tutorials on how easy and fast you can deploy apps. Heck, I even bought a book to help me get “Up and Running”. I have downloaded a couple IDEs and text editors that I hear can speed things up.

Everything looks rosy except for one missing detail… I can not figure out for the life of me how to set up a server. Other than the tutorial on rubyonrails.org (which states “These instructions need to be updated.”) and the instructions on Ubuntu’s forum (which also don’t work for me), I can find no ways to successfully make my LAMP Box accommodate ruby (and I have worked through many others).

I get that I can just use web brick on port 3000 on my dev machine. This seems far from production ready. I have also seen many options to lease ruby centric hosting. I am only comfortable with as-a-service when I know I can serve myself, if need be.

I am a defeated man. I fail to see efficiency benefits as I spent such a large amount of time tinkering with my server set up to no avail. I’m going back to Drupal. So much for getting things done.