Learning How to Love... Twitter

I have had an account for a little while now. But it was not until recently that I got “it”. There are plenty{: target=“_blank”} of people explaining{: target=“_blank”} twitter, but the “it” factor can/ will not happen unless you play with it*. I dabbled, but until saw the “itis” at FOWA first hand, I resisted. Now, I follow via IM with sms forwarding while I refresh a web page and sample 2 air clients. It’s not a habit, it’s cool.

One big reason of writing this post is in hopes to reach someone who was like me. “Why would I want to broadcast an IM when I really don’t have that many regular contacts that I communicate with via IM?” I mean scalability doesn’t seem that important when you don’t have a large scope (I’m looking at you Ruby On Rails Devs). I ask, “Do you have any interest in what your favorite bloggers/ Internet Superstars are doing between posts (ZeFrank… we have learned our lesson, please vlog again, we all miss the show)” or “Would you like a grand equalizer that allows you to communicate real time to these ‘A’ list internet types?” Of course you would.

So, twitter is a paradigm shift in communication. Don’t be a ludite, tweet (all the cool{: target=“_blank”} kid’s are doing it**).

*playing with it has no proven relationship to blindness.

** Cool is subjective and a particularly difficult case to argue in terms of web apps. Please consult your local Fonz if your are seeking an increase in cool.