While still on the high of just attending the FOWA Miami, I am inspired to start blogging again. If you have not yet attended a FOWA, you should. It is an awesome event put on by some excellent people{: target=“_blank”}. I must say, attending this conference really made me feel part of a web community, more than going to any social network ever has. Which just happened to fit in with one of the reoccurring themes in the talks “Have offline interaction with your online community”. Which, like most ideas, is as brilliant as it is simple.

There is something to be said about the excitement created by being surround by that much excellence. Paraphrasing Kathy Sierra, there is still something to be said for atoms. It is one thing to read blogs from like minded individuals and see that people want to make the web a better place, but to actually interact with so many people, in the flesh, that are passionate about the same things you are is much more powerful (assuming your into that kind of thing).

TTFN, I am off to the beach party. I have a notebook full of notes as well as some audio, video, and images. So there is definitely more to come about this.