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CloudCannon Permalink

less than 1 minute read

CloudCannon offers a delightful patina to an otherwise unchanged Jekyll site.

Alexa Watson integration

5 minute read

Here are notes from building a proof of concept around integrating Watson Retrieve and Rank service into an Alexa skill. I’m still learning, so this may not ...

CLI Driven Drupal

2 minute read

It’s easy to get Drupal up and running by clicking around, downloading and extracting packages, but that’s not how I do it. Like all respec...

Styleguide Thoughts

1 minute read

A properly leveraged styleguide can be a great communication tool between designer and developers. Furthermore, they can keep scope down by promoting reuse a...

Jekyll Simply Permalink

less than 1 minute read

Hopefully, this slimmed down example project will help you see the benefits of Jekyll without getting too overwhelmed with the embarassment of features that ...

Don’t call it a comeback

1 minute read

In an effort to avoid distraction and get right to writing, I chose to move this blog to Jekyll. It’s a simple enough tool that lets me draft posts in Markdo...

AEA Debrief: Designing Using Data

1 minute read

At An Event Apart in Atlanta, Sarah Parmenter encouraged designers to use data to inform the decision making process. Here’s a collection of take aways that ...

The best Android todo app - Simpletask

less than 1 minute read

I’ve been using Todo.txt for a little while now. I love it for it’s minimalism. Simpletask is a more polished approach to Todo.txt. It has some nice addition...


1 minute read

When talking about the pursuit of simplicity, there tends to be at least one naysayer. “That’s fine for you, but my problem is, at it’s essence, complicated....

The best Android text editor - Draft

less than 1 minute read

Contrary to popular belief, Android users like nice things too. There are a lot of text editors on Android and I spent a bit of time and money trying them al...

Setting up Middleman and Anvil with RVM

less than 1 minute read

I’m a big fan of designing with code, design in the browser or… whatever you want to call it. Middleman and Anvil work out as a nice pairing to c...

Getting a Rails app set up for Heroku

less than 1 minute read

I find myself daisy chaining a few blog posts together to get up and running with Rails. Here are the steps that I took most recently to deploy to Heroku. I...

The story of my first Rails app

2 minute read

I’ve been using Ruby for a little while now. Mostly, making little tools to automate bits of my workflow. Each time client work came up, I’d “chicken out” an...

Solving a problem with code

6 minute read

I was looking for a good excuse to learn CoffeeScript so I came up with a project that takes a note and returns the blues scale in that key. It’s not a compl...

More content, less system

1 minute read

Since I moved back to Ohio, I’ve been playing guitar more and even built a cigar box guitar with my dad. There is more of a community around cigar box guitar...

Illustrator for web layouts

less than 1 minute read

Illustrator has some fantastic layout tools that are often overlooked by web designers. Here is a screencast overviewing some of the reasons Illustrator is i...

Easy on the polyfills

1 minute read

It’s not that important to teach older versions of IE how to handle media queries. The point is to make layouts work on small screens. I don’t know of any ce...

Mobile mockups in Illustrator

1 minute read

The Illustrator pixel is a majestic beast quite hard to pin down. The very nature of vectors makes the idea of a 300px by 300px document kind of silly. All y...

10 Drupal modules you should be using

1 minute read

I make a lot of websites with Drupal. Since I do this a lot, I’ve been spending time working on a way to speed up and/or automate the process as much as poss...

What is the point of dp?

1 minute read

I’ve been reading up on Android interface design lately. One thing that has jumped out at me as counter intuitive is the concept of “density independent pixe...

Vim tip: Fun with tags

less than 1 minute read

HTML can feel unwieldy and inefficient to edit. There are lots of great tools and alternate syntaxes that make this easier… but who wants to set up a whole f...

Susy at first blush

less than 1 minute read

Susy looks to be a very nice tool for making cleanly marked-up grid-based sites. It’s one of the many new compass plugins that are floating about these days....

One size never fits all

1 minute read

While it is nice that new smartphones can render virtually any website reasonably well, we are remiss to not take context into account. Is “reasonably well” ...


CNC Router

In an effort to better understand how CNC Routers work, I decided to build one from scratch.